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Jody Kahlon


Jody Kahlon in collaboration with artist Helen Gory & fabric designer Mirjam Aigner

Why: I wanted to design a dress with abstract elements.

Who: I teamed with abstract artist Helen Gory, who’s known for her collages and fabric designer Mirjam Aigner, known for her amazing ability to translate Helens and my idea into what transpired.

What: Hand printed silks teamed with beautiful abstract cut outs and shapes that sparked inspiration for tailored designs.

“I was looking forward to collaborating with inspiring artists like Helen and Mirjam. Helen’s abstract collages allow me to venture outside my usual style and push my designs into the unknown!”

Jody Kahlon

Copyright Jody Kahlon 2019

Art Direction: Diego De Nicola

Web Build: Diego De Nicola

Photography: Diego De Nicola

Copy: Janelle Carrigan

Photoshoot Styling: Petrina Turner Design